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Professor and competitor of Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu

With pain in the wrist

Accompanying the pain in the wrist there was also a lack of strength when closing the hand or grasping any object, in this case the kimono of other athletes that is so important in the sport.

P-DTR style !! In flexor and extensor muscle tests in neuromuscular inhibition and flexor and extensor wrist in neuromuscular inhibition and pain. Golgi tendon organs in the dysfunctional wrist flexors and extensors and sending aberrant information to the brain which made the motor response dysfunctional as well. I cleaned up the dysfunction by finding the root cause and its main compensation, system reset.

Elbow flexors and extenders ok, wrist flexors and extenders ok, grip strength ok!

We have athlete back to his full potential!

Surrogate muscle testing is a technique that I use to test nerve receptors where the efferent information, which comes from the brain, through indicator muscles or through muscle tests can not be “read” in the individual.


Knee painfree in 5 minutes!

Knee painfree in 5 minutes!

P-DTR is extremely important in my practice and in the health of my students!

A student who has been training regularly, 3 or 4 times a week since January 2014 and without pain, complained of knee pain doing a squat.

After neuromuscular evaluation I found that all tests showed poor control of joint positions, in other words neuromuscular inhibition.

The questions posed were the usual, what was the diet, to try to gauge if the receptors located on the tongue could be dysfunctional, some blow to the body, change of shoes, new detergent, among others and ... nothing! “Ah, I put on a different perfume in the morning…” P-DTR to gauge if the chemical sensors could be interfering with the motor performance and… BINGO !! All joint positions, or muscle tests, tested strong!

Squats, extensions and knee flexions, all without pain!

(The most curious thing is that even my perfume has interfered with my students' motor performance, causing neuromuscular inhibition through the olfactory receptors)

The muscular system does nothing without the sensory system working properly!

Knows the anatomy intervenes in those who need it!