Methodology P-DTR

P-DTR is a unique neurological therapy based on neurology, biomechanics, neurophysiology, anatomy and profound research. It works directly with Central Nervous System and has a logical scientific explanation for all of its teachings. Under the guidance of Dr. Jose Palomar (founder) P-DTR is constantly being researched, and the scope of practical application of its unique material is being expanded on a yearly basis. 



  • The CNS controls all functional processes of the body at physical, biochemical, endocrine, emotional and mental levels;

  • Any functional or dysfunctional changes are defi ned by CNS;

  • The CNS receives and interprets external and internal information 24-7;

  • Any motor, gland response or response of conscious thought will depend on the quality of received information and the quality of its interpretation;

  • Aberrant, distorted, excessive threshold signal from the receptors will cause neuromuscular, endocrine, or behavioral dysfunctions;

  • The main cause of dysfunctions is the aberrant afferent information coming in the CNS;

  • Neurological dysfunction can remain for an indefinite period of time affecting the optimal performance of the individual (in many cases long after physiological healing has been completed post trauma);

  • The CNS will constantly modulate incoming signals to be able to control the afferent fl ow, enabling the person to make sense of the world around them and respond appropriately.